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Month: January 2018

Nicotine Cravings Can Be Killed With These 8 Natural Ways!

Nicotine Cravings Can Be Killed With These 8 Natural Ways!

Tobacco is an addiction which 1.1 billion people have in the whole world. It kills almost half of them. According to some researches, 90% of all people who have lung cancer, men or women and have died because of it were caused by smoking. Smoking […]

Drink this – you will lose weight and reduce stomach volume in just 3 days

Drink this – you will lose weight and reduce stomach volume in just 3 days

If you want a flat stomach, you must pay attention to the food you are taking daily. This helpful recipe will give you the perfect shape of your abdominal muscles. In fact, if you consume it daily, you can completely reshape your stomach. Apart from […]



Aging causes changes in cells, tissues, and organs, thus changing the entire body, both internally and externally. The normal process of aging deteriorates the function of cells, which eventually die. And, the organ’s function depends on the condition of the cells within it.

 What’s more, a decline of the function of one organ, such as due to aging, affects the function of another. As you can see, everything in our body is connected with each other. One thing leads to another, which is why one health problem can often cause another.Aging is inevitable for every living being on the planet, at least for now, and that means changes in our bodies will continue to happen throughout our entire life. This natural process affects every cell, organ, and body function sooner or later, by gradually weakening their function.

We can’t stop this from happening, but we can delay and reduce the effects of aging by taking proper care of our health. What’s more, being old doesn’t necessarily mean you have a weak heart, damaged liver, poor kidney function, or bad vision.

Still, some age-related health problems occur sooner than others. Your job is to protect the organs prone to early deterioration due to aging, thus preserve their optimal function as long as you can.

Early Health Problems Related to Aging

Some of the earliest health problems related to aging affect the eyes, liver, and colon.


As you age, the sharpness of your vision reduces, no matter how good glasses you wear. Also, you might get dry eyes due to lower tear production and a smaller number of mucous cells in the conjunctiva.

The most common retina-related diseases in older age include detachment of the retina, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. Other eye problems due to aging are cataracts, enophthalmos (retraction of the eyeball within the orbit), etc.


Aging makes the liver becomes susceptible to many microscopic and structural changes. For example, it gets darker in color, it shrinks, and its ability to metabolize substances reduces.

The bile production may also reduce, as well as its ability to withstand stress. Aging increases the risk of developing fatty liver.


The most common gastrointestinal problem related to aging is irregular bowel movements. That’s most likely because of poor function or some disease on the large intestines.

Other age-related problems connected to this organ are hemorrhoids and diarrhea, as well as polyps.

Natural Way to Improve Their Function

A lot of older people say they have improved the function of these organs naturally, using a combination of several healthy ingredients. This blend helped them remove fat from their liver, improve their vision, and cleanse their colon, thus regaining normal bowel movement.

The key ingredient in this recipe is the ordinary, yet powerful beetroot. It has an incredible nutrient content and provides some mind-blowing health benefits.

It contains the rare compounds betaine and tryptophan which help calm down the nerves and fight stress effects.

Consuming this vegetable regularly improves the cardiovascular system, boosts the blood circulation, and increases the energy levels, all of which will make your day easier.

The powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of beetroot help prevent free radical damage, which is otherwise linked to cancer, diabetes, and more chronic diseases.

One of the best ways to obtain the mind-blowing benefits of beetroot is to combine it with the following ingredients to make a delicious salad.

What You Need

  • 2 onions
  • 2 or 3 beetroots
  • Vinegar
  • Salt to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil


After peeling the beetroots, cook them in water with a bit of salt. Then, chop them into small cubes. Cut the onions into small pieces and add them to the beetroot cubes. Pour some olive oil and vinegar, and sprinkle some salt to taste.

You can drizzle some vinaigrette and let it stay for an hour. Enjoy your delicious, health-boosting salad.

Natural Remedies for Age Spots, Warts, Moles, and Clogged Pores

Natural Remedies for Age Spots, Warts, Moles, and Clogged Pores

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5 Nighttime Drinks To Cleanse Your Liver and Burn Fat While You Sleep

5 Nighttime Drinks To Cleanse Your Liver and Burn Fat While You Sleep

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Black Lemonade Recipe: The Cleansing Drink That Is So Powerful, You Need To Be Careful When Drinking It

Black Lemonade Recipe: The Cleansing Drink That Is So Powerful, You Need To Be Careful When Drinking It

Detox or cleanse are one of the most used and well known terms for regimens that are cleansing or which for some detoxification habits like drinking organic vegetable juices or lemon water and that sort of stuff. Maybe the detox term that is used is wrong because we will never be able to fully detoxify our body from all of the toxins that are stacked inside it.

The treatments or practices that are famous and known due to their ability to detoxify or cleanse our body from toxins, are highly beneficial for us, but however they will never be able to fully detox our body, because that is simply physically impossible!

But this doesn’t mean that there is no way to detox your body. There are many ways to do that, such as drinking plenty of water, eliminating caffeine, sleep more, nourish your body with pure natural foods, eliminate all toxic habits such as alcohol and cigarettes and many other ways. These ways are all beneficial and positive, because they are detoxifying or cleansing practices that will lower the toxic waste in our body for sure.

And these are the main reasons why people start to experience clear skin, increased energy level, better sleep quality, improved digestion, vibrant mind, eliminated bloating and many other positive benefits.

If you have tried some detoxification method in your life, you surely have experienced at least two of the benefits that we mentioned above, and if you want to know even more, keep reading the article below.

We want to show you some minor detoxification practices which are preformed on daily basis, which are actually working behind the scenes and are providing long-term benefits, but they don’t provide any short duration effects because they are not cleaners with a high intensity.

Daily Detoxification Practices:

  • Dry brushing.
  • Using natural personal care products.
  • Drinking lemon water in the morning.
  • Drinking cold-pressed vegetable juices and eating organic when possible.
  • Eliminating the foods that contain: refined sugar, inflammatory fats, and foods like cow dairy, wheat and packed or processed foods.
  • Keep alcohol for a special occasion.
  • Being wise about the caffeine intake.
  • Getting the needed water supply.
  • Have a detox bath with Himalayan salt, Epsom salts or alka bath.

These everyday minor detox methods or practices can be very positive for you, because they will lower the whole toxic load in your body, and will keep you vibrant and thrive every day!

At the beginning of a new year, after a long period of stress and during a change in seasons, are all periods of opportunities when it is wise to start a detoxification treatment or a practice in order to detoxify your body and internal organs from the toxins and waste that is stacked up.

In this article we would like to share with you a detoxification elixir that all of us can enjoy this period. In only 2 weeks by drinking a cup with this elixir on daily basis you will notice the benefits and the positive changes in your digestion, skin and energy levels.

The elixir is pretty simple to prepare, it doesn’t cost much and it lasts a longer period if it is stored in the fridge. The process is quite simple, you just pop off the lid, pour it inside and enjoy the benefits! This elixir is the most simple reset cleanse even for the busiest people.

Dark Arts Elixir

We call it this way because the elixir has a dark color and is quite deep to look at, it is like some sort of a dark magic or something. The ingredients that are used for the preparation of the elixir are very simple: Himalayan salt, pure maple syrup, activated charcoal, lemon juice and filtered water.

All of the ingredients are giving the elixir the benefits that it provides not only the taste, and the activated charcoal is providing the most benefits for this black lemonade and makes it the most effective cleansing method ever!

Activated Charcoal

First thing you need to know about the activated charcoal is that, it is not same as the barbecue charcoal. So don’t think that you can eat charcoal from your fireplace or your barbecue. The activated charcoal is made for personal care and supplementation, and it is not toxic (also used for face masks and teeth whitening).

The activated charcoal is made with a very simple process, mostly burning a source of carbon, which is most commonly coconut shells or wood. The very high temperature is removing the oxygen, and the steam is activating the carbon, which creates a material which is an absorbent that has a fine mesh similar to pores, which has the ability to remove, bind or capture some toxins/poisons that have a lot more weight than the charcoal.

But you need to know that the briquettes that are used for the barbecue are highly carcinogenic, and their only purpose is to serve as fuel and they are 100% unsafe for intake. The briquettes of charcoal are a lot similar to lighter fluids and the charcoal briquettes are very toxic as well.

It is the same with the diatomaceous earth, it comes in a toxic form and in 100% food grade, which is not safe for us to consume, it is the same with the activated charcoal as well. If anyone asks you if they can use the charcoal from their barbecue, they are probably joking with you or want you to lose your mind.

In our own experiences we were satisfied with the charcoal’s provided benefits such as bomb face mask, teeth whitening, eliminating any digestive issues, alleviate bloating and gas, and with drinking the Dark Arts Elixir, even providing further cleansing and detox.

The activated charcoal is used mostly for poisoning or drug overdose, because it has the ability to bond with the toxins found in the body, and stops the body from absorbing them. But some studies are quite inconclusive, because there is no study done so far that has proven which toxins the activated charcoal cannot or can eliminate.

We have done some research on our own, and we haven’t found any conclusive facts about the charcoal’s abilities, but in our opinion this ingredient is highly beneficial and you need to continue reading to see how this elixir is made.

We have tried the Dark Arts Elixir for our own, and we have been using it for 2 weeks, and the first thing we noticed was an enormous improvements. We got a higher quality of sleep, skin was glowing and much clear, improved digestion, reduced and almost no bloating, more energized, and vibrant. Would you say that these are all the effects from this elixir?

We also noticed that the people who have tried this elixir, loved it and they were amazed by the benefits and afterward effects. But the best thing about that is that we have experienced them too, we shared that positive radiance and we didn’t make any changes in our lifestyles or diets as well. And that is another proof that the activated charcoal is a highly beneficial ingredient.

This product as we said can also be used for teeth brushing, not only that it will clean them well, but it will make them whiter and whiter every time you wash them. This means that it is also a natural product for teeth whitening!

Take a look at below on how to make the elixir for detoxification at home, with the ingredients you probably already have at home and without spending a lot of money.

Preparation of the Dark Arts Elixir


  • Pinch of Himalayan Salt
  • A teaspoon of activated charcoal (about 3 or 4 capsules)
  • 1/4 cup of pure Maple Syrup
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 4 cups of filtered Water


  1. Get the lemons and squeeze the required amount of juice. Try using a handheld juicer for the lemons, that way you will squeeze the most juice out of it.
  2. If you have the activated charcoal in a capsule form, carefully open them and add them into the lemon juice.
  3. Put all of the left ingredients in the juice as well, and start to stir. Once the mixture becomes homogeneous store it in a container and put it in your fridge.
  4. Drink this drink in the morning on an empty stomach, it is best to have it an hour before your breakfast. You can have it before going to bed, and also it would be wise to consume it an hour before going to bed. Make sure you shake the mixture before drinking from it, because the charcoal settles at the bottom or the top.
  5. Pick your portions wise, and make sure they are equal.
  6. It can last for 5 days maximum when it is refrigerated.

Note: It is best to store it in a 1 liter jar, than you can fill it up with water and drink equal amounts every day. Don’t forget to shake it before drinking it. Keep it refrigerated.

The activated charcoal is made for detoxification, and the symptoms are included but there are no skin breakouts, foggy brain, low energy, irritability, nausea or headaches. With every regimen that is new you should start very slowly and listen to what your body says! Once the symptoms pass, you should feel a lot more positive, better sleep, decreased bloating, clear skin, and increased energy levels.

You can use the detoxification method for a few days or you can prepare the elixir when it is needed.

Who Shouldn’t Use Activated Charcoal

If you are in the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding you should highly avoid activated charcoal. Because it is a strong detox ingredients you should consult with a specialist because nobody knows what ingredients it is flushing out, it might flush out something that is needed. Also if you are under certain medication avoid it as well.

The effectiveness of those medications might be decreased because of the activated charcoal. The activated charcoal should be always consumed on an empty stomach, it shouldn’t be in contact with any foods because it might counteract with the absorption of nutrients as well.


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What Happens to Your Kidneys When You Take Baking Soda Daily?

What Happens to Your Kidneys When You Take Baking Soda Daily?

Even though they are very small, kidneys are very important for your body as they perform some very crucial functions. Their importance comes from the fact that they are necessary for the removal of the excess fluids in the body, they clean the toxins and all the waste. They can produce around 2 liters of urine and cleanse an incredible amount of blood.

Their beneficial properties don’t stop here. They also produce blood cells and improve bone health. They produce hormones which are imperative for the regulation of blood pressure, electrolyte levels and prevention of waste accumulating.

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause kidney damage or kidney impairment. The most common ones are: kidney stones, diabetes, infections, abuse of certain pain killers, hypertension, and glumerulonephritis. Now the good news is that all these damages can be easily repaired using a cheap and easily available, commonly used ingredient that all of us have in our kitchen – baking soda.


Everything begins with the production of hormones and enzymes by the endocrine system. This is necessary for the digestion processes and facilitation of the process of dissolving chemicals that we consume. The role of baking soda is that sodium bicarbonate has the protective power for the kidneys during these processes. Depending on the food that we consume, our kidneys produce different amounts of this. Sometimes, the amount is larger, and sometimes its smaller.

This means that if we consume large amounts of unhealthy food, our endocrine system’s function is increased. This usually happens when we take large amounts of fried food, or added sugar or unhealthy fats. This can also account for the decreased sodium bicarbonate production in the pancreas and kidneys. The lack of sodium bicarbonate in our body can cause serious damage to our kidneys since they can’t neutralize the acids and the will be accumulated in our body.

Kidney damage is often treated with sodium bicarbonate, such as dialysis and other treatments where kidney function is being repaired with sodium bicarbonate. On order to release the excess fluids and waste products accumulated in the blood it is very common to use this method of shielding the acids. Dialysis is based on this increase of levels of sodium bicarbonate in the system, especially when the kidneys themselves are unable to produce it enough and other processes are affected. When the kidneys produce enough sodium bicarbonate by themselves, the endocrine system is functioning properly and the kidneys are healthy.


This issue has been the subject of many studies and researches. They have proven that sodium dialysis has exactly the same effects as the regular standard dialysis. The benefit of this method is that patients who have damaged kidneys can increase the level of nitrate oxide and thus balance the pH levels in their blood.

According to a study conducted on the effects of sodium bicarbonate consumption on kidney health, it has been proven that regular intake of baking soda can significantly reduce the appearance of chronic kidney infections and it could prevent the need for dialysis as well. This is the proof that sodium bicarbonate in fact is powerful enough to prevent chronic kidneys diseases and also be used as a treatment for damaged kidneys.


Before starting this treatment of your kidneys it is imperative that you consult a specialist about the issue. Even though sodium bicarbonate doesn’t contain toxins, it could be hard on your intestines. To prevent a kidney disease from spreading further you need to follow a few simple instructions.

  • When you start the treatment take half a tbsp of baking soda. Put the soda under our tongue and wait for it to dissolve.
  • The next three days, combine 1,5 liters of water with half a tbsp of baking soda and half a tbsp of salt. Drink this mixture every day for three days.
  • On the fifth day, just half the dosage. A quarter of the soda and salt and half the amount of water.

The most frequent cause of kidney damage is unhealthy life style. This means that the first step to improving the work of your kidneys requires healthy dietary habits. Before starting any kind of treatment for damaged kidneys, you must consult a specialist and then change your life habits in order to improve your overall health condition.

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